Welcome to The Identity Project!

A virtual artist book project presented by Rutgers University New Brunswick Special Collections and University Archives (SC/UA), with support of Sonia Yaco, who is both Associate Director, Head of (SC/UA) and Executive Director of the New Jersey Book Arts Symposium.

A collaboration between Béatrice Coron, artist & Richard Anderson, Director of Virtual Worlds

The Identity Project is a work in progress and an experiment both in form and content using technology to create an interactive artist book.

The subject explores the notion of identity/ies. Identity can mean either sameness (when you identify with somebody or something) or what makes you unique (your identity papers). Contextual layers of identities include : social, emotional, family, tribal, intellectual, etc… The notion of a "real" self looks like an utopian construction and is well fitted to a virtual world.

Béatrice Coron first created The Identity Project as different papercut pages, each one presenting a different construction of self. In an exhibition in 2009 at Lehman College, the Aferro gallery presented the papercuts as a life size artist book installation. The 2022 online versions is enriched by other series such as the "Fashion Warriors" and "Fashion Bugs." These series present a quest of identity through costumes.

The collaboration with Richard Anderson permits a unique experiment of a virtual artist book where words and images interact and behave in new and exciting ways.

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